How to manually sync annotations etc. with Marvin app.

This is how to manually sync an ebook’s annotation (notes, highlightning, bookmarks…) with Marvin iOS app between you various iDevices (BTW, I read on iPhone, iPad mini and iPad air, so that’s a long way to go…), as long as … Continue reading

Cosa usare per leggere gli ebook: hardware e software.

This entry is part 1 of 5 in the series Leggere sotto vetro

I miei consigli sui sistemi da utilizzare per leggere gli ebook, un formato verso cui pian piano ci stiamo tutti convertendo. La prima decisione da prendere è quella di valutare se acquistare una periferica apposita, tipicamente il Kindle di Amazon, … Continue reading

How to use Marvin’s custom command to share books’ passages to facebook groups.

And there I go with one of my year 2014′ proposals: start blogging in English as well. I guess I’ll keep blogging in Italian for those topics interesting for people living in Italy, mostly law ones, while use English for … Continue reading

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