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How to manually sync annotations etc. with Marvin app.


This is how to manually sync an ebook’s annotation (notes, highlightning, bookmarks…) with Marvin iOS app between you various iDevices (BTW, I read on iPhone, iPad mini and iPad air, so that’s a long way to go…), as long as the good developer does not provide an automatic way to.

This way is a bit tedious, but it could serve for backup purposes as well and that’s not bad.

You’ll usually perform the following steps as soon as you’re finished reading on a device of yours, so that, should you later restar reading on another device of yours, you’ll have a file to import.

Eventually, you’ll get used to it and it’s not a bad habit at all for backup purposes, as I said.

This is what you should do:
– open the ebook you would like to export annotation from
– select bookmark icon (top left)
– select share icon (top right)
– select “export annotations” and not “send highlights and notes
– a new email with a .mrv file attached should be generated
– send it via mail to yourself or your evernote or whatever
– go to the other iDevice where you want your annotation synced
– open the mrv file (from mail or evernote or else)
– click the mrv file and select open with Marvin
– Marvin will recognize the destination book and ask you if you want to merge annotations or replace the existing ones: you have to choose merge of course, that way the existing one would be preserved
– after merging, Marvin will confirm everything went ok
– you’ll have to close and reopen the book

So, when you are done reading on the current iDevice, just remember to send away annotation, so that you got a backup of them and, should you start reading again the same book from another device, you could import and merge before starting to.

Of course, you can do the syncing only when you are finished reading the book, just to align annotations amongst the iDevices of yours, and then «archive» the book, it’s up to you.

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