how to open a new Finder tab into a certain folder with total finder and applescript

While working, many times I happen to need a new tab, opened into a certain folder into Finder (with total finder), so I wrote some applescript to do that. Then I put it into a small mac app store app called Shortcut, so that every time I need that folder I just press a keystroke (in my case, that’s CMD+C) and voilà, I get it. Should you need to do something similar, here is the code.

property the_path : "/Users/solignani/Google Drive/c-avv19/doc di lavoro/pratiche/"
set the_folder to (POSIX file the_path) as alias
delay 0.5 -- necessario per evitare che i tasti vengano premuti assieme
tell application "Finder"
if window 1 exists then
tell application "System Events"
keystroke "t" using {command down} -- apre un nuovo pannello
end tell
set target of window 1 to the_folder
open the_folder
end if
end tell