When a relative lives far and alone and is not self-sufficient

I speak Italian but not fluently so I’d rather express myself in a language that will clearly explain my concern. My father-in-law lives alone in a small village near Altamura since his wife died one year ago. He suffers from Alzheimer and is not self-sufficient. His daugher and husband are there for 6 months to take care of him but unfortunately my brother-in-law just had a stroke ! So, they will have to come back soon. Evidently, my husband’s father needs to be in a well-kept home for ”anziani”, but, of course, does not want to go. Also, no mean to say that we do not have any family left in the village to take care of him. My question is: How can we arrange this problem as to, first of all bring my father-in-law to live in a home for ”anziani” as he does not want to leave his house. This is a current problem for immigrants and I really would appreciate your advice. Thank you so much.

To a legal point of view, this is quiet simple. All you have to do is get to the Court and present an istance for an “amministratore di sostegno” appointment. The “amministratore di sostegno” is a sort of tutor, now widespread all over the country for elderly or troublesome people. A lawyer could be appointed – this is what I actually would suggest you – or any other people the Court would think better for you father in law.

Once appointed, the administrator will have to write down a report to the Judge (id est: Giudice Tutelare) and in that report he will suggest which accomodation is best for your father-in-law; if he suggests the home for elderly people and the Judge approves it, your father-in-law will be brought to that home.

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