Can I report a fiscal fraud to italian Authorities?

Thank you for giving me the opportunity to explain in English. An Italian citizen residing in Rome owns an apartment in our building in the Netherlands. He has been delinquent (by 20,000 euros) on their condominium payments (for more than 3 years!) and the owners association is proceeding with legal filings in the Netherlands. As the apartment is currently rented out, the association expects to be able to make a claim against the rental income to pay the condominium charges.
Apart from this there is reason to believe that the Italians have not declared this rental income received in the Netherlands (over 30,000 euros per year) on their Italian tax filings nor declared the money held in the bank accounts in the Netherlands. In other words we believe that they are defrauding the Italian government. Is it feasible to file a denuncia in Italy to request an inquiry into (what we believe is ) fraudulence?

It is, of course that would not get any advantage at all to the owners.

And that could lead to some legal issues to the author, should the claim reveal mistaken afterwards.

I would not suggest you to do that, I guess you better work on the debt collection. Should you decide to go ahead, I would suggest you to hire a lawyer in Italy and to not work on it on your own.

Of course, the claim has to be in Italian language.

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